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Coconut Shea Collection

Coconut Shea Collection Posted August 12, 2014 Reviewer/Blogger:Trenika Hardeman See how our Coconut Shea collection fares in this YouTube review. MORE

Coconut Shea Hair Balm and Control Edge Glaze

Coconut Shea Hair Balm and Control Edge Glaze Posted January 23, 2015 Reviewer/Blogger: BeautyReviewByAnyke See how short straight hair and our Coconut Shea balm and glaze fare in this YouTube review. MORE

Coconut Shea Line Review

Jonna Scott-Blakes, fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, provides a video review of the EDEN BodyWorks Coconut Shea product line.     Posted June 19, 2013   Twitter @NaturallyGlamTVInstagram @NaturallyGlamFacebook: MORE

What's in My Beauty Bag

Though I am wearing extensions, they still behave just like naturally curly hair (they are human hair but they’ve gone through a steaming process that retains the curl pattern and it can also lose the pattern through excessive heat styling and color) it shrinks in the humidity, can get tangled if you don’t take care of it, and you still need to treat it with tender loving care to preserve the curls. So to put my best hair forward for my trip I prepped it Tuesday night with the EDEN BodyWorks Coconut Shea collection.     Posted July 25, 2013   Author: DanielleWebsite: MORE

Coconut Shea Line Review

GlamSwagger's review of Eden BodyWorks coconut shea line. Posted June 23, 2013   Twitter: @glamswagger InstaGram: @glamswagger Website: Email: MORE

Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme Review

Empress Ri creates a video review about Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme. Posted June 22, 2013   MORE

Coconut Shea Leave In - Editor's Pick

My hair is as natural as it gets. I have a lot of thick coarse hair (my mom broke a brush in my hair when I was 4), and I depend on lots of conditioners to keep my hair in control. Deep conditioner, leave in conditioner, daily conditioner… the list never ends. I wear my hair in twists or a twist out for the most part, with an occasional flat iron when I’m trying to get fancy.     Posted July 5, 2013 Author: Tracey Brown of Blinging BeautyWebsite: Twitter: @BlingingBeauty MORE

Event Recap: Style with EDEN - Dallas Edition

On June 28th, Eden Bodyworks hosted the finale of their "Style with Eden" series at the Aloft Hotel in Downtown Dallas. The series began in Spring of this year and was hosted in cities such as Atlanta, Washington DC, Chicago & Oakland. The event, which was promoted as an evening of Fashion, Hair and Beauty, sought to promote and introduce the Coconut Shea Line of products by Eden BodyWorks.       See more about this article.   Author: Vee Blogger: @veepeejay1 Posted July 8, 2013   Twitter @veepeejay1Website: MORE

Review: The New Eden Bodyworks Control Edge Glaze

I’m done with gel. Ever since Eden BodyWorks’ Control Edge Glaze came into my life, I have no use for it. No, this is not a sponsored post. I am so serious.     I was in a rush a couple weeks ago and I needed to slick my hair up into a quick puff so I could rush off to work. Now, I know better than to experiment when I’m short on time. I don’t know what came over me. But I was just so excited to have finally received the new Coconut Shea products from EBW that I gave the Control Edge Glaze a try on a whim. I wet my hands and dampened my edges  before applying the Glaze and boom. That was it. By: Jess Posted June 13, 2013 Twitter @HGKWW Website: MORE

Francis P. is a BELIEVER in Peppermint Tea Tree

Francis Prensa, Latin Freelancer, Bronx, NY Posted June 19, 2013   Twitter @NaturallyGlamTVInstagram @NaturallyGlamFacebook: MORE

Coconut Shea CoWash on Relaxed Hair

  @prettywitty77   While browsing around in Sally's beauty supply, I found this amazing product.Price: Around $8.00(Nothing/No one influenced my review on this product) MORE