Hibiscus Honey 'Basics' Minis w/ Tonic Travel Trio

$6.00 $9.25

Uh-huh, honey. Start with the basics - our travel size Curl Hydration Shampoo + Conditioner, plus give your hair a boost with our Hair Tonic (liquid vitamin). This trio works to help revitalize and add moisture back to your strands from start (shampoo/conditioner) to finish (spray tonic). The Curl Hydration Conditioner can be left in - or rinsed out (gotta love that!). Packed with hydrating ingredients to help keep your hair moisturized and hydrated. Cosmetic bag not included.

This trio contains three products from our Hibiscus Honey collection:

Curl Hydration Shampoo 2 oz bottle
Curl Hydration Conditioner 2 oz bottle
Hair Tonic Liquid Vitamin 2 oz bottle (external use only)

This trio helps to:

  • Gently cleanse hair
  • Condition and soften hair
  • Nourish hair daily

Ready to make mini moves? Hurry, these are stocked in limited quantities.

NOTE: Shake before use as natural ingredients may separate over time.