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Compare + Contrast: Shift Your Beauty Social Media Lens

Doctor? Dentist? Maybe even chiropractor? How did we miss the memo that adulting feels like an ongoing list of health appointments in an attempt to keep us from falling apart. Well, go ahead and add vision to the unfolding list of responsibilities. No need to start squirming + hoping your insurance covers it because this one can be self-diagnosed from the comfort of your queen-sized bed.   With social media being the go-to destination of obsessing over your fave celeb, innovative style + of course picture-perfect hair, a thin line is created between inspiration + comparison. If you’ve ever felt drained, depleted or overly critical of yourself after your daily scroll fest, we’re here to order up a new prescription to shift your beauty social media lens.           Vision Test Just like going to the eye doctor + nervously reciting the letters off the chart you can clearly see, it’s the same when it comes to social media. Does everyone else’s hair, makeup and body look crisp and c... MORE

4 Things to Do Besides Shave Your Legs

By Blossom Onunekwu   It’s 2018. We know America’s beauty standards are complete B.S. We know women were pressured by male hair-removal industries to start shaving their armpits. We know that there’s a pink tax that makes female beauty products cost more but have less product. And if you don’t know already, now you know.   With that info, you can choose to either buy the male versions of your favorite razors and shaving creams, because the main difference is you’ll actually get what you paid for. Or you can quit while you’re ahead and do more meaningful things with your time. Such as:     1. Build your personal brand. A lot of people think you need a business to start developing your brand. But as long as you’re in the work force, you are your brand. Get some professional photos done. Pimp out your LinkedIn. Add professors, past employers, and family friends. Make business cards for yourself. Once you know what you want to do with your life, you should make sure you are working t... MORE