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#CURLFRIENDS: Rules to Road Trippin'

Your secret is out. You’re officially busted. We know you’ve been replaying Girls Trip on repeat + secretly comparing your crew to the Flossy Posse as you’re prepping for Essence Fest 2019! In theory, every trip with your squad is filled with unlimited mimosas, VIP passes, throwback memories and all-nighters that take you back to freshman year. And as much as we wish these magical moments would all happen spontaneously, past experiences have taught you that girls weekend can quickly spiral out of control when working from an invisible agenda.To keep your trip stress-free all you need to know are the 3 P’s, and we have you covered!   Pictured: @lisette + @joyjah     Plan It We know planning can seem tedious, but it can save you from unnecessary drama later. We all have the one friend who loves to plan down to the very minute + one who has never owned a calendar in their entire life. The trick is to find a common ground where there’s a schedule with some wiggle room. Start a group c... MORE