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Happy Birthday, EDEN!

Here's a story about a girl named Jasmine...     Who knew there was much more to life than damaged hair. After experiencing chemical damage, she researched ingredients and started mixing oils right in her mother's kitchen. Those were the beginnings to her FIRST product - JojOba Monoi Hair Oil. Fifteen years later, she's merged her love for beauty with tech and is still creating products with natural ingredients to help address your moisture, dryness, breakage, fullness concerns and more!       We are celebrating EDEN BodyWorks’ 15th birthday this month + the life that has been cultivated and shaped by your love, support, and encouragement! Our team is beyond grateful for the loyalty throughout our evolution and the voice of our community that aids in molding us to empower you in the highest form.   As each year sashayed by, we were able to not only understand your hair needs but also embrace the genuine beauties who love EDEN BodyWorks. From our #BrunchwithEDEN event seri... MORE

Hiking with @NikkiGrowFit

Be Light. Take a hike. See the beauty of how nature works, then close your eyes. See that same light in yourself.     Just for a moment...allow me to take you on a journey. It's a peak into my world, my mind, my heart and my spirit.     See here...where the hiking path begins. I get to play with the elements of nature- earth, air, water, wind and of course I bring the FIYAH!  Sometimes I'll catch myself wondering, "How did I get here?” Then I remember,  the beginning of all things I pursue in life usually dictates the end. Today, where the hiking path starts to unravel, I set a very clear intention.  The mantra is...Trust. Before fear can seep into my mind,  I already hear my feet crunching the gravel, quads striking up a burn as I climb the hill and the deep rise and fall of my chest with every breath. The adventure is on!    If you ever doubt whether you should go on, know that your feet will not fail you. Move forward even when what lies ahead is not clear. Begin to pursue ... MORE