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Building a Confident Girl with Tamara South

Being a girl in this world can be difficult. There is so much influence telling you that you don’t look right the way you are. While confidence-building begins at home, the world around us has influence on the way we think about ourselves. I can attest to feeling like a fish out of water. I wanted to stand out but the risk of being made fun of by my peers led me to opt for blending in with the crowd instead. I had a low self-esteem not because of what was going on at home, but because of my peers. With a 4c hair type, wearing it out was not the “in-thing”. I wore a perm which helped stripped me of my identity. It actually wasn’t until I stopped getting perms that my confidence started to come back. Growing up, I dreaded wash days. My hair was full of tangles and my grandmother would use a brush to get through my wet 4c hair( a natural hair disaster). Fast forwarding to the present, I’m so grateful for the natural hair community of women who have taught me how to love and not just... MORE

Three Ways to Look Fabulous and Save Coins

By: Ashley of   Beauties, If there is one thing I am passionate about, it is encouraging women to look and feel fabulous.  Learning to feel fabulous on the inside was not something that happened for me overnight.  It came with the help of prayer, learning the importance of self-care and of course, dressing how I wanted to feel.  I have learned throughout the years that dressing fabulous can truly boost confidence and it does not have to include designer labels.  Dressing fabulous means wearing what makes you feel good and gives you the, “I can take on the world,” feeling. Thrifted skirt for under $4. My personal passion is showing women how to dress fabulous affordably.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may be familiar with my fashion steals.  For example, I purchased this brand-new Lane Bryant dress for only $10 and the original retail price was $110.   How do I do it?  It’s a combination of thrifting, couponing and of course, clearance shopping.  It’s totally ea... MORE