Get The Dish! Hot Girl vs. Basic Babe

We’ve all been scrolling by everyone’s individual definition of their #HotGirlSummer on social. From traveling with your squad to showing off summer bodies, this season is jam-packed with showing off what makes you fiery this year.

But here’s the thing, you can’t live your best life if you’re not putting the best ingredients in your body. That being said, we know being “basic” is literally the enemy to every “hot girl” but who says you can’t elevate to the next level?

Check out these 3 basic foods + see how to turn them into a hot dish! 

Basic Babe: Yogurt

Bland, plain + oftentimes yearning for color + style.

Hot Girl Upgrade: Don’t sleep on this laid-back but powerful food pick! It may not always be your first choice but it’s packed with protein, a macronutrient essential for building and maintaining healthy hair! Sprinkle some graham crackers, fresh blueberries + juicy mangoes on your unsweetened Greek yogurt and see if it doesn’t turn heads then.


Basic Babe: Salmon

It’s always on the scene + on every menu, right? Being seen too much in public definitely takes your allure + mystery away. Umm can we get a break?

Hot Girl Upgrade: You’re right, salmon seems to be at every event, brunch + shindig you go to this summer. Before you blame salmon for being the girl who takes too many selfies, it has much to offer. Hair follicles need a supply of healthy fats, like the omega-3s found in salmon. Salmon is also a source of lean protein, perfect for stronger, longer hair. So get your fresh dill, lemon, melted tomatoes + a little horseradish if you feel daring and Boom! Salmon has now received a V.I.P pass to all meals to the rest of the summer.

Find recipe here!


Basic Babe: Sweet Potatoes

Oh, we get it. Sweet potatoes are  potato’s fancy cousin who think they have the best style but in reality oftentimes falls flat.

Hot Girl Upgrade: Sweet potatoes have been known to steal the shine from potatoes lately, right? From fries to the classic baked potato, it’s literally photobombing every meal. BUT sometimes you have to give props where props are due. Mineral and vitamin-rich sweet potatoes help to nourish the scalp, keeping oils balanced and hair shiny. Stuff it with spinach, jalapeno + even guac and this will be your sizlin’ dish of the season!

Find recipe here!

So whether you're having a hot girl summer or sticking to the basics, we want to know! In the comments below, tell us how you're fueling your summer and which of these foods you'd like to try! 

Until next time!

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